Breeders - Drivin On 9 tab

Song: Drivin' On 9
Artist: Breeders
Album: Last Splash

NOTE: This has been posted before, but it was missing riff #2.
      I thought it was fun to play : )

Basically the song is:

G    D   Am   C

then the first break is riff #1 once or twice.
the second break is riff #1 immediately followed by riff #2.

riff #1E|---7--7-5-7--7-5-7-5-3--12--12-10-12--12-10-12-10-8-B|----------------------------------------------------G|----------------------------------------------------D|----------------------------------------------------A|----------------------------------------------------E|----------------------------------------------------
riff #2E|--12-10-8-10-----7-5-3-5---12-10-8-5--7-5-3-5-3-----B|----------------------------------------------------G|----------------------------------------------------D|----------------------------------------------------A|----------------------------------------------------E|----------------------------------------------------
That's all I know. Justin Fitzgerald
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