Bremers Beverly - Dont Say You Dont Remember tab

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From: Andrew Rogers 
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 21:14:51 -0400
Subject: b/bremers_beverly/dont_say_you_dont_remember.crd

                     "Don't Say You Don't Remember"
                    (Helen Miller - Estelle Levitt)


	Em   Em7     Em6  Cmaj7/E   [2X]
	/  /  /  /    /  /  /  /

Verse 1:

	Em               Em7          Em6    Cmaj7/G /F#
	We wrote on the corner of the table
	 Em              Em7           Asus4 A Asus2 A
	This is the only one that will last
	   Cmaj7     Bm7   Cmaj7 Bm7
	For you, for me, for always
	   Cmaj7             Bm7
	Forever was made for us
	        Am7             Am7/D D7
	But for us it went by too fa-ast


	 G             Em     Bm      Dm7  G7
	Don't say you don't remember
	 C         D7/C        Bm7   E7
	I'll never love anyone else
	C               Cm     Bm7     Em7
	If you say you don't remember
	CaddD           Am7    Am7/D
	How can I go on living (how can I go on living)
	With myself

Instrumental link after chorus:

	    G    A/G     C     D D#dim
	    /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

	    G     Bm   Cmaj7  Bb/C
	    /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

Verse 2:

	Em               Em7            Em6 Cmaj7/E
	When we meet you always call me baby (baby)
	How could it be that you forgot my name
	Before you go, be honest
	I belong to you
	And believed that you felt the same

	[repeat chorus]

	(key changes to Fm/Ab)

Verse 3:

	Fm           Fm7             Fm6    Dbmaj7/F
	People never stay the same forever
	 Fm              Fm7          Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus2 Bb
	Somebody always loves a little more
	  Dbmaj7   Cm7     Dbmaj7 Cm7
	Tonight I need   to love you
	 Dbmaj7               Cm7
	Together we'll find a way
	        Bbm7               Bbm7/Eb Eb7
	To make tomorrow worth living fo-or

Chorus in Ab [repeat; fade on first line 3rd time]:

	 Ab            Fm     Cm      Ebm7  Ab7
	Don't say you don't remember
	 Db       Eb7/Db       Cm7   F7
	I'll never love anyone else
	Db              Dbm    Cm7     Fm7
	If you say you don't remember
	DbaddEb         Bbm7  Bbm7/Eb
	How can I go on living (how can I go on living)

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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