Brendan Benson - Feel Like Myself tab

  "Feel Like Myself"(Benson)
  From "The Alternative To Love"(2005)
  (the Folksinger EP version is different)

 Intro: A G E D (Bass only first four repeats)

  D         A         E             A
 You'll be sorry the next time you see me,
  D              A     G           E
 You'll eat your hat I promise you that
  D          A               E               A
 I'll say I told you so and you'll nod your head
     D            A             G              E
 and I'll feel so powerful when your face goes red


 Because hard luck was all that I had and
 I felt stuck in the mud I was a sad and 
 sorry case but I've turned about face and
    D                              A     
 I feel great, Im gonna run and I won't brake
 for nothing or no one You just wait, 
         G                 A
 'Til I feel like myself again (x3)


 Where were you then my fair-weather friend?
 I was a mess but you couldn't care less
 Now that I'm over it, no thanks to you
 You'll say you're owed for it,
 but you know that isn't true

 Chorus, intro

 I won't forget,gonna make you regret
 The day you were born,gonna leave you forlorn
 You'll beg and you'll pray for me to forgive
 But You won't get your way as long as I live


 'Til I feel Like myself again X 15 (to fade)
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