Brendan Benson - Poised And Ready chords

All right guys.. First tab here. Have fun

I like playing this song mostly with bar chords... makes it simpler for me and 
prob for everyone who's used to those. Just play with it and let me know what you think of it.
Oh on the 1st bridge after the first two lines there a pretty easy bass mini riff 
you can probably figure out... adds a lot to the song. If not here it is...

Intro: C - G - Am - G Verse 1
CYou're poised and ready
GUnable to make a sound
Your hands are sweaty
AmAs you look down
You're running already
GWhen you hit the ground
Verse 2 (same chords)
(C-G-Am-G)You're willing and able
So nice to have around The head of the table Is tightly wound The noise is loud So turn it down Chorus 1
F GWhen you think about it
Em AmTry to wrap your head around it
F You find none of it
G AMakes any sense at all
F GAnd people you once trusted
Em AmAre now looking so disgusted
F GAnd they're waiting anxiously
DFor you to fall
Verse 3 (again same chords... as verse 1)
(C-G-Am-G)You take for granted
And take what you can grab Fore say what's landed Into your lap You shake the hand And take a stab Verse 4 (and again verse 1 chords)
(C-G-Am-G)And there's no need to doubt it
There's never been Two ways about it It takes a thick skin There's ways around it But no way in Chorus 2 (same as 1st chorus) When you think about it Try to wrap your head around it You find none of it Makes any sense at all And people you once trusted Are now looking so disgusted And they're waiting anxiously For you to fall Bridge 1 (* = insert cool riff here)
Em Am And there you go (*)
Em Am Telling everybody you know (*)
Em AmSelling a one man show
DSo take a look around you now
FAnd soak it up and take a bow
Verse 4 (same as 1st verse)
(C-G-Am-G)You're living and crawling
And trying to catch a breath You're stalling and dying A sudden death And all the while You second guess Bridge 2 chords:
D - F#m - Bm - Bm/A - EOhh.. Ooh yeah.. Oooohhhh... Ohhh
Last 2 verses (verse chords change)
D (same on last 2) And now the time has come
F#mFor it to stop
The clown was done
BmSo call a cop
Bm/AYou're like a boy
AIn a china shop
You're poised and ready Unable to make a sound Your hands are sweaty As you look down You're running already When you hit the ground Outro chords: D - Bm - A - D __Saranak__ __2009__
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