Brendan Benson - Metarie tab

Metarie by Brendan Benson

Tabbed by: Ronan
Email: -

Tuning: normal or whatever suits your voice

It’s basically bm7 – d – a – e
Then f sharp minor then e for the chorus bit
But I think its better to play it like this:

VERSE B d a ee|--5---2---5---4-|B|--3---3---5---5-| for the verse’sG|--2---2---6---4-|D|--4---0---7---6-|A|--2-------7---4-|E|----------------|
B d a ee|--5---5---5---7-| or you could play it like thisB|--3---7---5---9-| to honest any variation on the main chords thatG|--2---7---6---9-| sounds goodD|--4---7---7---9-|A|--2---5---7---7-|E|----------------|
D ee|--5--------4----|B|--3--------0----| or on the ‘d’ and ‘e’ parts use your little fingerG|--2--------1----| again to go up the fretD|--0--------2----|A|-----------2----|E|-----------0----|
CHORUSe|--2---0---------------------------------------| The f# minor is for the pre chorus bit ‘put it inB|--2---0---------------------------------------| your song’G|--2---1-2-3-4---------------------------------|D|--4---2---------------------------------------| keep strumming ‘e’ when singing ‘something ive beenA|--4---2---------------------------------------| meaning to say to you’ and use your little fingerE|--2---0------- to go up the fret from 1 - 4--|
Then back into the verse… Brendan you are amazing
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