Brendan Benson - Them And Me tab

Tabbed by:RO

Dm A G* Ce|---1---0---1---0---| * the G is slightly different to a normal GB|---3---2---0---1---|G|---2---2---0---0---|D|---0---2---0---2---|A|-------0---2---3---|E|-----------3-------|
Intro: Dm A G C Verse: Dm I heard you're back on your feet G C I'm really glad to hear it Dm You're in the driver's seat C G And you can barely steer it Dm When you slammed on the brakes G C I never thought you'd pull through Dm Well, if that's what it takes C Then more power to you G Here's to you Chorus: Dm A What can you show me C G That I haven't already seen before Dm A You can't really know me C G When one foot's in and one foot's out the door Dm A What can you say now C G That I haven't heard a million times before Dm A What can you play now C G That'll have me in tears and screaming for more
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