Brendan Benson - Cherries tab

			     Cherries - Brendan Benson

Comments: This one's pretty much accurate. There are some slight
variations on the chord pattern used here, but if you play along
using these chords you won't be able to tell the difference.

Dsus2: x0023x
Dmaj9: x0022x
Cadd9: x3203x
C    : x32010
G    : 32003x

Dsus2 Dmaj9 Cadd9 Ge |-------------------------------------------------------|B |-----3-----3------2--2h3-3---------3--3-3--------3-1-0-|G |---2---0-2------2-2--2----2------0----0-0--0-----------|D |-0------------0----------------2------2-2--------------|A |-----------------------------3--------3-3--------------|E |---------------------------------------------3-3-------|
[Riff] - Dsus2 Dmaj9 Cadd9 C G The girl with the silver on her face Dsus2 Dmaj9 Want to take her home Cadd9 C Meet mom and dad - Dsus2 Dmaj9 Hard to tell Cadd9 C G About a girl like this Dsus2 Dmaj9 Cadd9 C She might smile or she might spit on them yeah - [Riff] - Dsus2 Dmaj9 I want to scrub her face Cadd9 G And take her in my car Dsus2 C She plays with the radio Cadd9 G And it drives me mad - Dsus2 Cadd9 Smells like cherries Cadd9 C G And you know it makes me hot Dsus2 Cadd9 G Talks about them as we drive away yeah End with riff
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