Brendan Benson – Youre Quiet tab

You’re Quiet by Brendan Benson

Tabbed by: Ronan

Tuning: normal

Intro: this is not on his album but he plays it live and there is a studio recording 
that I used to have of it but I think this is a much better version anyway.

e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------11--13--14-----| x4D|--11--11--11--11--11--12--14---------------0---0---0------|A|--0---0---0---0---0---0---0---11--11--11------------------|E|------------------------------0---0---0-------------------|
Verse: A e de|--5-------------| you can work out the timing and strumming itsB|--5-------------| easy enoughG|--6----9----7---|D|--7----9----7---|A|--7----7----5---|E|--5-------------|
Chorus: D a e a d a e e D Ee|------5---0---5-------5---0---0-- --------------| then after theB|------5---0---5-------5---0---0-- --------------| second repeatG|--7---6---1---6---7---6---1---1-- --7---9-------| play thisD|--7---7---2---7---7---7---2---2-- X2 --7---9-------| before goingA|--5---7---2---7---5---7---2---2-- --5---7-------| into the introE|------5---0---5-------5---0---0-- --------------|
Break: D E D A D E D Ae|--------------5---------------5--|B|--------------5---------------5--|G|--7---9---7---6---7---9---7---6--|D|--7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7--|A|--5---7---5---7---5---7---5---7--|E|--------------5---------------5--|
Play this with fast strumming straight after the break and then burst into the intro again: D E F Ge|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|--7---9---10---12--|D|--7---9---10---12--|A|--5---7---8----10--|E|-------------------|
Verse: A D E You're quiet A D E You don't talk A D E You're shut down A D E And closed off A D E You're like me A D E We're the same A D E I'm Brendan A D E What's your name Chorus: D A E E Been a little bit down on my luck D A E E I think you know where I'm coming from D A E E I need a pick up and I don't mean truck D A E E I think you know where to get some D E Then back into intro Verse: A D E You make me A D E Wanna ask you A D E A lot of questions A D E Really Get to know you A D E I like you A D E You can tell A D E I'd like to A D E Know you well Then repeat the chorus Break: D E D A Oh Oh make up your mind D E D A Just say the words and ill be your jail bird Then play the fast strumming part and burst into the intro – play as many times as you want Outro: just AAAA EE DD over and over until the end and sing ‘do do do do do do do’ etc etc Brendan = legend
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