Brent Morgan – Lovesick Lullaby chords

A A7 DShe'd trade anything for half a hand to hold her,
A A7 DCuz the wind it blows with less than sweet intent,
A A7 DWith the winter near, Ive never seen her colder,
D (strum once) But it aint over yet...
A A7 DWith a broken heart, And nothing left to lose,
A A7 DJust an open road and the snow beneath her shoes,
A A7 D Though its hurts too much sometimes to hear the truth, D (strum once) It's the only thing to do... CHORUS:
ACry Cry, It's a lovesick lullaby,
F#mMake room for the lost and left behind,
EAnd I believe in everything you wanna be but,
DMaybe in this love, Maybe isn't good enough,
ACry, Cry its lovesick lullaby,
F#mI've tried but I left it all behind,
EAnd I believe in everything we wanna be,
DBut maybe in this love, MAYBE isn't good enough,
A A7 DIt was off with Spring, and time face to December,
A A7 DBut a winter night is nothing on your own.
A A7 DThough the holidays weren't quite like she remembered,
A A7 DThere weren't meant to be alone...
DSo you wanna bring it down, Bring it down,
EGo ahead and take your best shot,
ATake your best shot...
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