Brenton Brown - Amazing God tab

G                  D/G
We can hear it growing louder
songs from every nation
rising to your throne
G                 D/G
Saints in every generation
singing for your glory
telling what you've done
         D                C
from the north and south, we are crying out
         D         C
there is hope in Jesus' name

             G                C
You're amazing God, You're amazing God
             Em        D           C
You can bear the weight of every heavy heart
                G                    C
You can heal the pain, you can clean the stain
               Em   D              C
You can turn our tears into songs of praise
You're amazing God
G                     D/G
Beauty rises from the ashes
sorrow turns to gladness
when our God is near
G                        D/G
You speak light into our darkness
you heal the broken-hearted
you wipe away our tears

              G                           C
songs of praise surround us, songs of praise surround us
              Em    D              C
hear it growing louder, we are growing louder
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