Brenton Brown – Humble King chords

D Em D/F# Oh kneel me down again,
G A2 Dhere at Your feet
Em D/F# G A2 DShow me how much You love humility
Em D/F# G A2 Bm A2 GOh Spirit be the star that leads me to
D/F# Em A7 A7sus DThe humble heart of love I see in You
G D/F#You are the God of the broken
Em A2The friend of the weak
G D/F#You wash the feet of the weary
Em A2Embrace the ones in need
G D/F#I want to be like You, Jesus
Em A2To have this heart in me
Em D/F#You are the God of the humble
G A2 DYou are the humble King
©1999 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) Words and Music by Brenton Brown
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