Brett Anderson - Chinese Whispers chords

Dm F Gm Gm7-----------------------|-1-3-1-1-1-------------|------2----0-2-0-------|-----------------0-3-3-|-----------------------|-----------------------|
Dm F Gm Gm7Donít tap against my window.
Donít listen at my wall. Donít ask for information.
Am Gm'Cause the answer's always no.
Dm F Gm Gm7Collect me from the station.
The blank departure board We'll talk in chinese whispers.
Am GmWhile the snow begins to fall
Am GmPainting Easter with the cold
Dm FI donít need you
Am Gm CBut I want you.
Dm FI donít want you
Am Gm CBut I need you.
Ho-ho-ho. Ho-ho-ho. There is blossom In the garden On the magnolia Tree. The ivies are Taking over Where you planted Rosemary Where you planted Rosemary. I donít need you But I want you. I donít want you But I need you. Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho Ho-ho-ho
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