Brett Anderson - Ashes Of Us chords

IntroGm F-6-------5-------|--8-------6------|---7-5s7---5-3s5-|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Gm FWhere the sky is grey
And the clouds are torn And the strange ones play
Gm BbAnd the insects swarm
CmFalling like feathers
BbDrifting like petals
G#Pieces of paper
GmThe ashes of us
CmBreak like bone china
BbFaces in mirrors
G#Piece us together
GmThe ashes of us
Where the orchid grows There's a sunny place Where I sip my tea With the scarecrow's grace Falling like feathers Drifting like petals Pieces of paper The ashes of us Break like bone china Faces in mirrors Piece us together The ashes of us
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