Brett Dennen - Fig Tree tab

Fig Tree -Brett Dennen
Hey everybody this is my first tab, I'm almost 100% on it.
I used the youtube video version, 
so check that out for references (Brett tunes down half a step).
It has 8 bar phrases, and has the bass note first then the chord hit.

*(make sure to do a little fiddlin' arround on that F# chord)
Chorus(2x) * *e--||---6---6---6---6--2--2----6---6---6---6--2--4--2-2-||B--||---7---7---7---7--2--2----7---7---7---7--2--6--2-2-||G--||---6---6---6---6--3--3----6---6---6---6--3--4--3-3.||D--||---8---8---8---8--x--x----8---8---8---8--x--6--x--.||A--||-6-6---6-6-6---6--x--x--6-6---6-6-6---6--x--4--x---||E--||-----6-------6----2--2------6-------6----2-----2---||
Thanks everybody! -Kier
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