Brett Dennen - The One Who Loves You The Most tab version 2

Here is the general riff played through most of the song

E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |------4--4-4--4------7---------4-4--4------------------------------------|G |------4--4-4-------------------4-4--4h6--6-----4-------------------------|D |----------------------------4--------------------------------------------|A |--2--------------2s6-----------------------------------------------------|E |-------------------------4-----------------------------------------------|
The E and F# are the beginning of the Chorus and the riff always follows
E |-0---2-------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-0---2-------------------------------------------------------------------|G |-1---3-------------------------------------------------------------------|D |-2---4-------(insert riff here)------------------------------------------|A |-2---4-------------------------------------------------------------------|E |-0---2-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Brett embellishes with some variations here and there in the riff and the E and F#, so free to add what you want, but this is the jist of it here. Finally, tell your friends about this guy, he's a great that more should hear. Enjoy
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