Brett Dennen – Empathy chords

This is my first tab!!! Yay!! 

This is an amazing song, great for kids, though, ,ore adults need to learn it.
He wrote this song for His foundation The Mosaic Project. 

Title: Empathy
Artist: Brett Dennen
Standard tuning

He goes from bar chords to open chords a lot, back and forth. Either way sounds 
fine. I'm certain these are 100% correct. You can't find them anywhere else online.



G Em C G I don't know what it's like to be you,
G C Am GI don't know what you have to go through,
G G Em CBut I could try to see the world through your eyes,
G G C D GPut myself in your shoes, and empathize
Em C G C Am GNoo, no, nooowoahoo empathize not emphasize, but empathize.
Em C G C D GNoo, no, nooowoahoo empathy not entropy, but empathy. Ohhhhh
C D Verse:
C G D C GEvery story has more than one side, It's not about what's wrong or right,
C G A DWho's to judge what's good or bad, what makes me laugh might make you mad,
C G D C GLet's try to make a deal, we'll to each other and see how the other feels,
C G A DWith empathy with can understand, we can solve our problems and make amends
Chorus Verse:
C G D C GEverybody's a got a different point of view, how would I feel if I were you,
C G ASome people think this, some people think that, I'm telling you empathy is
Dwhere it's at.
C G D We can solve our problems by talking and listening, instead of judging we can
C Glook at things differently,
C G A D Write to congress and get them to see, instead of fighting we can try to use
D Dempathy not entropy but empathy.
Chorus Outro: C D G C D G C D G C D G
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