Brett Dennen - Desert Sunrise tab

Brett Dennen - Desert Sunrisetabbed by Eric Frenkilfrenkile@stu.beloit.eduE|-3-------7-------0-------2-------|B|-1------(x)-----(3)-----(3)------|G|(0)------7-------0-------2-------|D|-2-------5-------2-------0-------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------| (inrto: play chords twice: ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ ~ ~ ~)a desert ~sunrise, you warm my ~soulpainting ~me in shades of clay, ~covering me whole
and I'm a ~lizard, sun bathing ~in your radi~ence, oh I ~call you out of hiding so ~sweet, so sweet you ~are if only I could ~only have a taste, wrap my ~lips around your flavor just be~cause you are you, just because you ~are so beauti~ful ~
C/G B/G Am7 B/GE|---3x----3x----3x-----3x--|B|---3x----3x----1x-----3x--|G|---0x----0x----2x-----0x--|D|----x-----x----2x------x--|A|-3--x--2--x--0--x--0h2-x--|E|--------------------------|
C/G B/G Am7 B/G and I've been waiting all this life in the company of one (C) and I know I am young but I don't want to be alone (H) if you could only just consider the two of us (O) C/G B/G Am7 B/G (R) and I know darling I could be so good to you (U) C/G B/G Am7 B/G (S) C/G B/G *Am.......... C/G C/G B/G B/G I see you risin' upon the horizon (R) Am7 Am7 Am7 Am7 (E) bringin' light into the day and I'm coastin' on your rays (F) when I awoke you spoke through the mist of a misty bliss (R) casting shadows (on all my dismal yesterdays) (A) do you remember that you told me, darlin' (I) that I was so real, I tell you all my tears for you are real (N) And we'll cross that bridge again someday I know we will, I hope we will
desert ~sunset, a lulla~bye if I could ~give it all to you, if you'd ~only let me try you sing so ~sweetly its my only ~wish music ~drips from your lips like sweet ~sips of a summer's kiss (summer raindrops) so ~precious, toungues ~ twist ~ ~ CHORUS & REFRAIN desert ~moonrise, into the ~night before we ~lay our heads i wish, to walk under the ~splendorous starlight sing so ~sweetly, itís the sweetest ~sound and Iíve become ~ weak in the knees, and I drop ~down and kiss the ground and all my ~cares, lie far be~low in this ~earth I wish to die, in this ~hearth my fire grows (repeat chords twice: ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ ~ ~ ~)
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