Brian Johnson – One Thing Remains Love Never Fails chords

One Thing Remains
Tabbed by:KDavies

Vs: 1
Eb Bb FHigher than the mountains that I face
Eb Bb FStronger than the power of the grave
Eb Bb FConstant in the trial and the change
Eb Bb FOne thing remains
Vs: 2 On and on and on and on it goes It overwhelms and satisfies my soul And I never, ever, have to be afraid One thing remains (2x) Chorus:
Gm EbYour love never fails, never gives up
Bb FNever runs out on me (3x)
Eb Bb FIn death, In life, Im confident and
Cm7 Eb Bb Fcovered by, the power of Your great love
Eb Bb FMy debt is paid, theres nothing that
Cm7 Eb Bb FCan separate my heart from Your great love
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