Brian Jonestown Massacre – The Godspell According To A A Newcombe chords

A-D-E x4

Awell i've drank alot of whiskey
Aate way too many pills
Awent around tight corners and
Ahad my share of spills
Dbut i've survived
Eso come and get me im alive
Ai've made best friends with Jesus
Ahung out with buddha too
Ai kicked the devil's ass
Aand then i wiped him off my shoe
Dand i don't lie
Ehe can't look me in the eye,
how about you? well i've had my share of fist fights and good loving too although i'm getting older girls i swear that i'm not through cause i'm alive come and get me i'll survive how about you? and your voodoo too? what can you do? the hoochie-coo? what can you do?
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