Brian Jonestown Massacre – All Around You chords

			     All Around You - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tabbed by: daniellegibbs11

Tuning: Standard

I tried to get the lyrics, these probably aren't all right...

Acome and play folks
you're welcome here ..... ladies & Gentlemen children old folk you're welcome with us
Enot since the glory days of rome i tell ya has man kind known
Asuch valiant(?) mysteries
intrigued(?) and if you- if you start to get scared don't be worried folks we're right here beside you take your most fabulous journey inside your head
Ewell tickets please
we're ready to take off( ?)
AAll around you
(all around you) D
(it's everywhere, everywhere) D
Ait surrounds you
(it surrounds you without you and within you) D
Ethe love we share
(that's right good old fashioned love folks)
Alike i said, if you get scared don't be worried
we're just an arms reach away you know, we spared no expense to bring you the very finest in entertainment
Esure you can smoke!
so sit back and i'll pour you a drink
Ayou know, a lot of people are afraid of the unknown
but we know you're the sort of, well sort of thrill seeker, that's not afraid of anything you will be richly rewarded for your courageousness
Eso come on in
here we go again
Aits a secret
(its a secret i tell ya) D
Afor everyone
(its for everyone hahahaha) D
Aif you listen
(listen up, here comes the best part) D
Ewe'll give you some
(we're given it to ya absolutely free! hahaha!) D
Aall you wanted
(hahaha!) D
Awhat you need
(we've got everything you need) D
Awill be given
(we're given it to ya so what are you waiting for) D
Ewithout greed
(we haven't the greediest bone in our body) D
Athere's something i forgot
if you're going on a trip you're gonna need some supplies if you know what i mean we only brought enough for ourselves oh wait a second what's this right here
Eoh this'll do
here we go again hahahaha
Athe beginning
(the beginning of everything) D
Aand the end
(mumbles...) D
(we're all together, let me here ya sing it) D
Ewith out friends
(with our friends...screaming good time...) D
Aall around you
(its a secret and you know what) D
(listen up im gonna tell you this one more time) D
Ait surrounds you
(listen up cause here i come!) D
Ethe love we share
(im gonna im gonna...) D
Aits a secret
(hahaha) D
Ain your ear
(hahaha) D
Aif you listen
(...) D
Ayou will hear
(yeah yeah yeah...) D wow... what do you say we start the show the picking through out the song...
repeat a few times... i think the whole song just hangs around this string
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