Brian Jonestown Massacre - If Love Is The Drug I Want To Od tab

      IF LOVE IS THE DRUG I WANT TO OD - Brian Jonestown Massacre

Tabbed by T.J.
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

This is a very groovy neo-60s/early 70s kind of song.
Very simple and repitive (in a groovy way)
Not much at all to it
Also, there are two versions to this song....i think theyre pretty much the same,
but its easy to mistake the last chord in one version as another A rather than a
D...i had to update this tab

Chord progression held through song:

| E A G D | E A G D | etc.  <-- all simple open position major chords

        ie.  E = 001220
             A = 02220x
             G = 300023
             D = 2320xx

Intro:e|-------------------|-----------------------|B|-------------------|-----------------------|G|-------------------|-----------------------| Repeat about four timesD|-------------------|-----------------------|A|-------7~----------|-----5p2h5------5/7~---|E|-------------------|-----------------------|
...also plays throughout the verses
Main riff:e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|A|--/7-7-------------------5-5-5---|---/7-7--------------------5-5---|E|--------5~--5h7---33-------------|----------5~--5h7---3-3----------|
...believe it or not that's all there really is to the song. enjoy! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ let ring
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