Brian Mcknight - Win chords

/-- Thanks to my brother Joshua Baldovino for letting me learn this song ---/

Intro: Bb/F F------11------13--------11------13------11------13--------11------------|--15------15--------15------15------15------15--------15------15--13----|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F F Gm--------------11----------------11--------------11-----------------------|--15--13--15--------15--13--15------15--13--15--------15--13--15--11-----|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F Bb--------------------------------------|--15----13--15--------11--10--11------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
Eb F/A BbDark is the night
Cm Eb/FI can weather the storm
Eb F/A BbNever say die
Cm Eb/FI've been down this road before
Eb Eb/FI'll never quit
Gm F/A-Bb/FI'll never lay down, mmm
Ab Eb/FSee I promised myself that I'd never let me down
BbI'll never give up
GmNever give in
Eb/CNever let a ray of doubt slip in
F/DAnd if I fall
GmI'll never fail
Cm Eb/FI'll just get up and try again
BbNever lose hope
GmNever lose faith
Eb/C Eb/Bb F/AThere's much too much at stake
D Gm F/A Gm/EUpon myself I must depend
Eb Eb/CI'm not looking for place or show
(Bb) Gm/C when going to bridgeI'm gonna win
Repeat Verse and Chorus Bridge:
Bbm/C Dm-BbWhen it's all said and done
Eb Dm-GmMy once in a lifetime will be back again
CmNow is the time
F/Bb Bb/FTo take a stand
/Ab AbmHere is my chance
E/F# (Bb-C)That's why I'll
Repeat Chorus change key from Bb key to C Repeat Chorus change key from C key to D
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