Brian Setzer Orchestra – When The Bells Dont Chime chords

I noticed Brian plays the song in the key of A but i like to play it in D , so 
just move every chord from D to A if you like to play it like Brian.

The intro is basicly a D chord with base notes on the A string.

D --0-------0------1A ----3-2-1---3-2-0-
D Well whatcha gonna do
When the bells don't chime
GThere's nothin' you can do
DTo make em ring
DWhatcha gonna do
BmWhen you ain't mine
EYou'll find out
AThat you had everything
DWhen the bell's don't chime
D7When they don't even ring
GYour heart feels broken
EYou can't even sing
DWhatcha gonna do
Bm EWhen the bells don't chime
GYou're gonna wish
AYou still had me
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