Brian Vander Ark - And Then You Went Away tab

cool song...enjoy.

I've been living in here long enough - reminds me of when times were tough and i still think about you every day - it's like you never really went away
then, (prechorus?)e-------0-------0-------|b-----------------------|G-----3--3----1--1------|D---4--4----2--2--------|A--4-4-----2-2----------|E-2-------0-------------|play it twiceThere were no signs, there were no warnings - saying that it's overAll you left behind was everything.
Chorus (guitar is the same as in the verse)... You hung your favorite picture so you could see it every day- then you went away, and then you went away It's by the window garden you said you'd water every day then you went away, and then you went away. Later in the song... (bridge?) A second guitar comes in here, playing the chords. Brian fingers around with the chords a pattern similar to the prechorus but without the a string. b and high e strings are open. F# E F# I guess it's not over yet - cause when i'm ready to forget G(barre) I remember where I am. Great song. Not too tough. Lyrics are below if you like. -Andrew
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