Bridgit Mendler – Ready Or Not chords ver. 6

This is my very first tab (done by ears), so go easy on me! ;)

"Ready Or Not"

Capo 2

C G H-Hey H-Hey
AmH-H-Hey (H-Hey)
AmI'm the kinda girl who doesn't say a word,
FWho sits at the curb and waits for the world
CBut I'm about to break out, about to break out
GI'm like a crook tonight
AmI caught you staring at me and I was thinking clearly
FAnd now I'm like a bee and I'm huntin' for the honey
C GAnd I'm kinda shy but you're super fly yeah I could be your kryptonite
Dm AmLike ohh ohh ohh
CLight my heart up baby like a matchstick
Dm AmOhh ohh ohh
CAnd hit the gas quick
AmReady or not
FHere I come
CWhere you at?
GThe night is young
Am F C GIn the crowd the music's loud but I will find you
AmReady or not
FHere I come
CI like your face
GDo you like my song?
Am F C G Just sing it la la la la la la and I'll find you
Am F C GReady or not (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh)
Am F C GReady or not (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh)
For the bridge, do the same as the verse! :D
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