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THE BRiEFS. ORANGE ALERT. GREGGO TABBO. FOR THE POGO PUNKS.---------------|---------------| -8-8--3---6--2-| -9-9--4---7--2-|-9-9--4---7--2-|-7-7--2---5--0-| x's 2 (End it with a good ol' Oi Oi Oi!)
--------------------|--------------------| -8-8--3-3--6-6--2-2-| -9-9--4-4--7-7--2-2-|-9-9--4-4--7-7--2-2-|-7-7--2-2--5-5--0-0-| (Listen to the song for timing on this one
--------------------|--8--11--6--8--9--4-|--8--11--6--8--9--4-|--8--11--6--8--9--4-|--6--9---4--6--7--2-|--------------------| (I've given you the chords all you have to do is figure out how many times to strum each.)
Solo (Not too sure but basically work around this
Thats it. I know the solo isnt right on but its a good base to start with Also if you think the voiced power chords are too tough use these chords!
---------|-4---2---|-4-4-2-2-|-4-4-2-2-|-2-4-0-2-|---2---0-| (Intro.verse)
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