Briggs - Dead Men Dont Tell Tales chords

I love this song so I thought I would make this my first tab, transpose it to 
chords cause it's fun to play.

* - Let Ring

Intro: Am


AmWith his final chance at liberty
GPrepared to meet his fate
Etoo late for introductions
AmNo longer will death wait
AmThe way that things can change
GIn the brink of your demise
EYou never thought in all your years
AmYour truth could tell you lies
Am Chorus:
E Am A7sus x2Woah Woah o
AmWith the slightest sense of dignity
G AmHe left his world behind
Upon his deathbed
AmUncertain what he'll find
AmA coward to his heart
GA soldier in his mind
EMarching to the battlefield
Am*To a war that has no time
E Am C D C Am E Am x2Woah Woah o
AmTrapped behind a wall of shame
GNo one can hear your cries
EmYou find your actions similar
AmTo the ones that you despise
AmDo the bottom of your boots
GHave the blood of another man?
EOr just the dirt from the streets
AmOf the city you live in?
Am Chorus:
E Am C D C Am E AmWoah Woah o
E Am C D C Am E AmWoah Woah o Yeah!
Interlude: Am G E Am x2
E*You left your dreams to die
A*But they never seem to miss you
G*You'd love to tell me why
AmBut dead men don't tell tales! Yeah! Oh.. Aaaah!!
Am C D C Am E Am Chorus:
E Am C D C Am E Am x3Woah Woah o
EOh.. Aaaah!!
Outro: Am C D C Am E Am x3 Am E Am
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