Bright Eyes – Ship In A Bottle tab

Here’s a tab for Ship in a Bottle by Bright Eyes. It’s not an easy one to tab, but I 
this is accurate, and it works OK even if it’s not entirely right.

Intro: F#m D x4
(use the 2nd fret F#m and the open D, because you need to hit the F# on the high E 
every time you play)

  F#m                       D
I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open,
    F#m             D
That fixes all of life's mistakes
  F#m                     D
I wanna be the house that you were raised in
   F#m              D
The only place that you feel safe

  F#m                D
I wanna be a shower in the morning
   F#m                D
That wakes you up and makes you clean
  F#m                        D
I know I'm just the weather against your window
   F#m                 D            A
As you sleep through a winter's dream

Someones churning the earth
Someone's stirring the sky
E                                  F#m
Every color at once in a column of lights
F#m                            C#m
Bacteria breeds on a microscope slide
E                           Ab
The worm in my heart's the apple of your eye

       A              B
Don't adore what is impossible
        E                     Ab
We have built this ship in a wine bottle
But if you knew how it worked,
We'd have to grow old

Bridge: F#m D x12


F#m                                          C#m
Someone's eating at you, wakes you up in the night
E                                                F#m
If you're digging the past, who knows what you'll find
F#m                                         C#m
Read the newspaper print off the microfiche slide
E                                      Ab
And you're holding your breath for the rest of your life

          A               B
Don't you love what is intangible
       E                    Ab
I have built this ship in a wine bottle
But if you knew who I waaaaaas...
You would never grow old
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