Bright Eyes - Middleman tab version 2

Chords relative to Capo on 4

The chords are strange. They are as far as I understand:

  Bm      Asus4add9    C#m7b9    F#

e-(0)- -x- -x- -2-|b--3-- -3- -3- -2-|g--4-- -4- -4- -3-|d--4-- -2- -2- -4-|a--2-- -0- -4- -4-|E--x-- -x- -x- -2-|
For the verse. And: Bm G D F#
e-(0)- -3- -2- -2-|b--3-- -3- -3- -2-|g--4-- -0- -2- -3-|d--4-- -0- -0- -4-|a--2-- -2- -x- -4-|E--x-- -3- -x- -2-|
For the chorus. I will call the modified A and C#, A* and C#* just to save me typing None of this is based on me figuring anything out. I just put to a tab what TecumsehBand in this video: I didn't post the finger picking pattern because honestly i don't know it. You'd have to to Tecumseh about it. Strumming the chords is enough for me. Thanks to Tecumseh. Intro: Bm A* C#* X8 A* C#* A* C#* F# Bm A* C#* X2 Bm A* C#* I traveled though the atmosphere Bm A* C#* as a wall of feedback climbed A* C#* A* C#* The pegs were gold, the band was old, F# Bm A* C#* they played in half time Bm A* C#* Now every dream gets whittled down Bm A* C#* just like every fool gets wise A* C#* A* C#* You will never reap of any seed F# deprived of sunlight Bm A* C#* X2 G Bm So I have become the Middleman G Bm The gray areas are mine D G F# Bm The in-between, the absentee F# Bm A* C#* Is a beautiful disguise Bm A* C#* So I keep my footlights shining bright Bm A* C#* just like I keep my exits wide A* C#* A* C#* 'Cause I never know when it's time to go, F# Bm A* C#* it's too crowded now inside Bm A* C#* The dead can hide beneath the ground Bm A* C#* and the birds can always fly A* C#* A* C#* But the rest of us do what we must F# in constant compromise Bm A* C#* X2 G Bm So I have become the Middleman G Bm The gray areas are fine D G F# Bm The "I don't know," the "maybe so" F# Is the only real F# Is the only true F# Is the only real Bm A* C#* reply Continue to the end. Great song. Love Bright Eyes. Again, thank you Tecumseh.
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