Bright Eyes - Train Underwater chords

here are the chords i found on the album tab on of IWAIM Ultimate guitar... a lot 
so im fixing it up!!






when the whole band comes in in the verses, there is a transiton from E back to Eb back 
E. to play that, do this... (isten to the recording to get timing correct)

E  Eb E

although Conor doesn't play that, the rest of the band does, and it sounds coool if ur playing it acoustically. (above) Train Under Water-Bright Eyes Capo 4 Intro- Amaj7, Asus6 (keep repeating this until verse 1 starts)
Asus6 EYou were born inside of a raindrop
Dsus2 Asus6I watched you falling to your death
Asus6 EAnd the sun, well it could not save you
D7 Asus6It'd fallen down too, the streets are wet
Asus6 EBody of water, toxic and timeless
Dsus2 Asus6The Atlantic ocean, New York skyline
Asus2 EI always get lost when I leave the village
D7 Asus6So I couldn't come meet you in Brooklyn last night
Asus6 E Eb EBut I sing glory for my lowest
Dsus2 Asus6And I will say peace to the people at me
Asus6 E Eb EWhile the world waits for an explosion
D7 Asus6That instant of life that wipes that slate clean
F#m ESo don't be fooled
F#m ESo don't be lied to
C#m F#m B ELove was always cruel
F#m EDon't act strange
F#m EDon't be a stranger
C#m F#m B EIt happened to me, now it's happening to you
D7But if you take that train underwater then we could talk it through
repeat verse chords x2
Asus6 EWell if I could tame all of my desires
Dsus2 Asus6Wait out the weather that howls in my brain
Asus6 EBecause it seems that it's always changing
D7 Asus6The wind's indecision, the sorrowful rain
Asus6 EI was a postcard, I was a record
Dsus2 Asus6I was a camera until I went blind
Asus6 ENow I'm riding all over this island
D7 Asus6Looking for something to open my eyes
Asus6 E Eb EWell we still sing glory from a highrise
Dsus2 Asus6And I will say thanks if you're pouring my drinks
Asus6 EWhile the world waits for an explosion
D7 Asus6That moment in time when we are set free
F#m ESo don't stay mad
F#m EJust let some time pass
C#m F#m B EAnd in the morning you'll wake feeling new
F#m EAnd if I don't come back
F#m EI mean, if I get sidetracked
C#m F#m B EIt's only 'cause I wanted to
D7Keeping up with the moon on an all night avenue
Asus6,E,Dsus2, Asus6, Asus6, E, D7, Asus6 x2Asus6, Asus6sus4, Asus6
End On Asus6 thanks... listen to Bright Eyes!! :) amazing song from an amazing album...
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