Bright Eyes – A Line Allows Progress A Circle Does Not chords

Bright Eyes
A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not
Every Day And Every Night (1999)

**it's not exactly right, but it's easy and sounds good to sing along with.**


Em Bm G C F#7 D-------|--2-------|------3-|-1------|---------|---2-------|-------|----3-----|--------|--------|---2-----|------3----|-------|-------4--|--------|--------|-----3---|---2-------|--2----|--------4-|--------|----2---|-------4-|-----------|---2---|----------|--2-----|------3-|---------|-----------|-------|----------|------3-|--------|---------|-----------|
Em Bmsitting around, no work today
C Emtry pacing to keep awake
Em Bmlaying around, no school today
C Emjust drink until the clock has circled all the way
Pre Verse:
Emit is late afternoon
Gas you walk through the rooms
Dof a house that is quiet
F#7except for unanswered telephones
Emyou stand near the sink
Gwhile you're mixing a drink
Dyou think you don't want to pass out
F#7where your roommates will find you again
Bm Gstumble around the neighborhood with nothing to do
Dyou're always looking for something
F#7to sniff, smoke, or swallow
Bm Gcalling over next door to see what they got
Dbut you would settle for anything
F#7that would make your brain slow down or stop
G Dbreak this circle of thoughts you chase
G F#7before they catch back up with you
G Dand your parents noticed your thinning face,
Bmall the weight you lost
F#7all the weight you are losing
Bmyou said, "i'm done feeling like a skeleton
Gno more sleep walking dead"
Dyou're going to wake from this coma
F#7you're going to crawl from this bed you have made
Bmstop counting on that camera
Gthat hangs round your neck
Dbecause it won't ever remember
F#7what you choose to forget as you
Bmtry to find some source of light
Gtry to name one thing you like
Dused to have such a longer list
F#7and light you never had to look for it
Bmbut now it's so easy, it's so easy to
Git's so easy, it's so easy to
Dsecond guess everything you do
F#7until all you want is, all you want is
G Dto finish this half empty glass
G F#7before the ice all melts away
G Dthis feeling always used to pass
Bm F#7but seems like it's every day and every night now
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