Bright Eyes – Weather Reports chords

Weather Reports
by Bright Eyes

Didn't see any chords up for this song and i like it so here it is.

Am  - X02210
C/B - X2X210
C   - X32010
Caug- X3211X
F - XX3211F* - 133211
G - 320003 Am C/B C F C F C Am C G
Am C/B C F C well i left my baby for a dream as lovely,
F C Am C Gfor a love that's only in books i read.
Am C/B C F Cand then i hit the cities, spent all my money,
F C Am C G i just left my whole life in a taxi cab.
Am C/B C F Ccause it's just a memory, i can't love completely,
F C Am C Gwhen you're really with me, i'm indifferent.
C Caug but i try to get my head clear,
F* G (F)it's too full of ideas that i haven't thought of yet.
C Caugand time, clocks keep waving their hands,
F* G doing all that they can to get our attention, but
F* G C C/B Am the days fly away down a clean interstate
Gand i'm staring drunk at a map.
Am C/B C F C F C Am C G
Am C/B C F Cso i let my hair down for the second time now,
F C Am C G for the final time, now i had my fun.
Am C/B C F Cbut there's no returning from the places we've been,
F C Am C Gjust repeat our slogan, never again.
C Caugso we split, said you had to get out,
F* G (F)headed back to the south, where everything is gentle.
C Caugand i stayed for a couple weeks more,
F* Gall the weather reports said it would be snow for sure,
F G C C/B Am but the storm moved away to a neighboring state.
Gi started the car.
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