Bright Eyes - Theme From Piniata chords

Theme to Piniata: Bright Eyes
I'm 99% sure this is accurate. You be the judge.

Figure 1 (C) (Cmaj7)e|-----------------------------------------|B|----2-----0------------------------------|G|------0------0-----3---------3-----------|D|--------2-------2-----2---------(2)------|A|-3----------------------3----------(3)---|E|-----------------------------------------|
Figure 2 (F) (G)e|--------1--------1------------1------1---|B|---1--------1---------------1----1-------|G|-----2---------2--------------------0----|D|-3---------------------------------------|A|--------------------------2--------------|E|------------------------3----------------|
Layout: Figure 1 Figure 2 Am G F G Verse 1: (use figures 1 and 2 for first 4 lines)
C Cmaj7 C7Well I wish I had a parachute
F GCause I'm falling bad for you
C Cmaj7 C7I can see the ground approaching now
F GBut I'm not sure what to do
Am GI feel like the piņata
F GWon't you take a swing at me
Am GIf you could just crack the shell open
F GI think inside you would find something sweet
Same Chords throughout song Verse 2: Well I hear you like a hunter now Your footsteps in the leaves And I would gladly leave my hiding place Yes I'm hoping to be seen So let your arrow fly and sing I'm well within your aim Lay your traps for a thousand miles And please don't let me escape Verse 3: Winter came to Omaha It left us looking like a bride A million perfect snowflakes now And no two are alike So it's hard for me imagining The flaws in this design I know debris, it covers everything And still I am in love with this life
Outro: C then |e|-----------| |B|-----------| |G|-2-0-------| |D|-----3-0-2-| |A|-------2-3-| |E|-----------|
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