Bright Eyes - Beginners Mind chords

Tabbed by epy
Capo on 6. Standard Tuning

C E7Hold on tight Beginner's Mind
Am GThe wheel is spinning too
Dm GFast to make your move
Emaj AmThe worst must be assumed
C Oh how they will try
E7 To pull and to pry
Am G Away what you know now
Dm GBeat and beat it out
Emaj AmLeave a drum that makes no sound
F Emaj Dm GA snuff film on a JumboTron for all the world to see
Dm GA cocktail napkin epitaph
C AmA psychobabble telegram
Dm GMessage written in the sand
C AmThe tide rolls in
Dm GSwear you'll do the opposite
C AmOf all those tangled hypocrites
Dm GWho say that the experiment has failed
C Don't go there
FYou're getting nowhere
GYou're getting nowhere
(chords same as upper) Last Start Over Bit: F / G / Emaj / Am / No Chord / G
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