Bright Eyes – Hit The Switch chords

This is a copy of the previous tab, just transposed to capo on fret 2. This makes easier 
the chord previously labeled, "F#/F." With capo 2, one just has to play an Em chord (at 
the start of the 'chorus') and drop his or her finger on the D string 1 fret (to fret 1).

So it goes from Em (022000) to Em/D# (021000) <--possibly wrong name of chord. But just 
drop a 1 finger 1 fret and it will give you the tonal clash.

GI'm staring out into that vaccum again
G/BFrom the back porch of my mind
AmThe only thing thats alive
DI'm all there is
GAnd I start attacking my vodka, stab the ice with my straw
G/BMy eyes have turned red as stoplights, you seem ready to walk
AmYou know I'll call you eventually, when I wanna talk
D'Til then you're invisible.
Em Em/D#(see note above) Am
D'Cause theres a switch that gets hit and it all stops making sense
Em Em/D# Am DAnd in the middle of drinks, maybe the fifth or the sixth
Em Em/D# AmI'm completely alone at a table of friends
D DI feel nothing for them. I feel nothing, nothing
Interlude: G, D, Am, D G, D, Am, D Em, Em/D#, Am, D
GWell, I need a break from the city again
G/BI think I'll ship myself back west
Am DI got a friend there, she says, "hey, any time."
GUnless that offers expired, I have been less than frequent
G/Bshe's under no obligation to indulge every whim
AmAnd I'm so ungrateful, I take, she gives and forgives
DAnd I keep forgetting it
Em Em/D# Am DAnd each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
Em Em/D# Am DSomething lovely that bloomed in her beautiful mind
Em Em/D# AmI said "I'll trade you one for two nightmares of mine
D DI have some where I die, I have some where we all die."
Interlude: G, D, Am, D G, D, Am, D Em, Em/D#, Am, D Loud Part: Not sure on this part. Goes from F#m to G#m at the end of the loud part.
GI'm thinking of quitting drinking again
G/BI know i said that a couple times
Am DAnd I'm always changing my mind, well, i guess i am
GBut theres this burn in my stomach and theres this pain in my side
G/BAnd when I kneel at the toilet
AmAnd the mornings clean light pours in through the window
Sometimes I pray I don't die
DI'm a goddamn hypocrite
Em Em/D# Am DBut the night rolls around and it all starts making sense
Em Em/D# Am DThere is no right way or wrong way, you just have to live
Em Em/D# AmAnd so I do what I do and at least I exist
DWhat could mean more than this?
DWhat would mean more?
Mean more? Interlude: G, D, Am, D G, D, Am, D Em, Em/D#, Am Ending finger picking, play around on this chord: x20200 It's essentially G Am. That's sort of it.
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