Bright Eyes – Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man chords

Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man - Bright Eyes

Chords and positions used:

Intro/verses:                 Bridge:   Chorus:

A Amaj Dmaj/ Dmsus2 E Bm* E7 A* Dmaj Bm F#me --0-----0-----------0----| e --0--| e --------------5-----2-----2--|B --2-----2-----2-----3----| B --0--| B --0-----0-----5-----2-----3--|G --2-----1-----2-----2----| G --1--| G --7-----7-----6-----2-----4--|D --2-----2-----0-----3----| D --2--| D --9-----6-----7-----0-----4--|A --0-----0-----0-----0----| A --2--| A --9-----7-----7-----------2--|E --------------2----------| E --0--| E --------------5--------------|
Intro played with -3- -2- and -0- on B-string: A / / / |Amaj / / / |Dmaj/F#m / / / |A / / / |
Amaj Dmaj/F#m... He always gets so mad ... at things you laugh at
Dmsus2 A... "Don't get so worked up", you'd say
Amaj Dmaj/F#m... But on the back deck ... you admit that
Dmsus2 Ayou haven't felt much like laughing lately anyway
E AAnd so I say - "That could change"
Bm* E7... I noticed how you waste no time
A* DmajMaking your way across the room
Bm E A... You leave a wake of tongues still waving after you
Bm* E7 ... And it isn't no coincidence
A* DmajWhere you finally choose to stand
Bm E AI guess soon you will be leaving your man
Amaj / / / |Dmaj/F#m / / / |Dmsus2 / / / |A / / / |x2
Amaj Dmaj/F#m... It's a sweet smile ... and then a denial
Dmsus2 A... Hey, you are just trying to be nice
Amaj Dmaj/F#m... But there is a meaning ... to every fleeting
Dmsus2 Aaction you unconsciously decide
E AThe clocks, they chime - Now it's time
Bm* E7... I know you try and play it cool
A* DmajBut there are some thoughts you just can't hide
Bm E A... Only in your closest friends do you confide
Bm* E7... The way you say you'll be seeing me
A* DmajOh, like it's so offhand
Bm E AI guess soon you will be leaving your man
A / / / |Dmaj/F#m / / / |Dmsus2 / / / |A / / / |x2
Bm* E7... You stare at me so boldly now
A* DmajYou have no lack of confidence
Bm E A... It's just those lessons on subtlety you missed
Bm* E7... I know you dream of saving me
A* DmajLike I'm some plane that you could land
Bm E ABut when you fly you'll be leaving your man
________________________________________________________ Tabbed by Adam Alfredsson
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