Bright Eyes – Fevers And Mirrors tab

Bright Eyes
Album : Fevers & Mirrors

SONG  - A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And A Necklace

Tablature by Matt  - 03/19/01

Am7    - X02010
Am7/F# - 202010
G      - 320033
C      - X30210
F#     - 224432
B7     - X21201
E      - 022100
D7     - XX0212
D7sus4 - XX0213

    Am7       Am7/F#
You turn on a spindle
You are so much looser now
But you're not explaining how
    F#          B7    E
You gained such new repose

            Am7           Am7/F#
I touch the clasp of your locket
With its picture held
Some secret you wouldn't tell
    F#     B7         E
But let it choke your neck

        Am7     Am7/F#
So we imagine a darkness
Where all shapes divide
Solids changing into light
       F#       B7      E
With a burst of heat so bright

Well fine

Am7       Am7/F#    G        C
Don't you do what I want you to
      Am7     Am7/F#             G          C
Yeah, don't degrade yourself the way that I do
       Am7       Am7/F#              G           C
'Cause you don't depend upon all the shit that I use
   Am   C  D7    D7sus4 G
To make my moods immmmmmprove

        Am7     Am7/F#
And near a sea of pianos
There were waves of chords
That crashed against the shore
       F#       B7        E
In one huge and pointless roar

               Am7            Am7/F#
And there were girls bringing water
Like a dream they came
To cool the fever of my brain
    F#        B7      E
And soothe my burning throat

         Am7       Am7/F#
And they made me a necklace
Hanging beads of sweat
On a string of my regrets
    F#        B7        E
And placed it 'round my neck

And they were singing

Am7       Am7/F#         G      C
Don't you do what you've wanted to
      Am7      Am7/F#                   G       C
Yeah, don't destroy yourself like those cowards do
    Am7                 Am7/F#                       G       C
And maybe the sun keeps coming up 'cause it's gotten used to you
         Am C     D7   D7sus4 G
And your constant need forrrr proof

SONG  - A Scale, A Mirror And Those Indifferent Clocks

Tablature by B.E. as interpreted by the pantieraider

C Em Am F G---3--0----0---1--3------1--0----1---1--3------0--0----2---2--0------2--2----2---3--0------3--2----0---3--2---------0--------1--3---
C Here is a scale, weigh it out and you will find easily Em More than sufficient doubt that these colors you see Am Were picked in advance by some careful hand F G With an absolute concept of beauty C They are smeared and these blurs come in random order Em To color the eyes of your former lovers Am F Hers were green like July except when she cried F G They were red C Now I know a disease that these doctors can't treat Em You contract it the day you accept all you see Am Is a mirror and a mirror is all it can be F G A reflection of something we're missing C And language just happened, it was never planned Em And it's inadequate to describe where I am Am In the room of my house where the light has never been F G Waiting for this day to end F G And these clocks keep unwinding and completely ignore Em Am Everything that we hate or adore F G Once the page of a calendar is turned it's no more Em Am So tell me then, what was it for? F G C Oh tell me, what was it for? - The Calendar Hung Itself Tablature by B.E. - frantic latin rock interpreted by pantie
F#m C# Bm E A D--2---4---2---0---0---2-----2---6---3---0---2---3-----2---6---4---1---2---2-----4---6---4---2---2---0-----4---4---2---2---0---------2-----------0-----------
F#m Does he kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head? C# And does he sing to you incessantly from the place between your bed and wall? F#m Does he walk around all day at school with his feet inside your shoes? C# Looking down every few steps to pretend he walks with you? F#m Does he know that place below your neck that is your favorite to be touched? C# And does he cry through broken sentences like "I love you far too much"? Bm E A D Does he lay awake listening to your breath? Bm E A D Worried that you smoke too many cigarettes? E F#m Is he coughing now on a bathroom floor? E F#m For every speck of tile there are a thousand more E That you won't ever see A E D E F#m C# F# C# But must hold inside yourself eternally F#m I drug your ghost across the country and we plotted out my death C# In every city, memories would whisper "Here is where you rest" F#m I was determined in Chicago But I dug my teeth into my knees C# And I settled for a telephone Sang into your machine F#m "You are my sunshine, C# My only sunshine. F#m You are my sunshine C# My only sunshine" Bm E A D Bm E A D E F# E F# E A E D E F#m I kissed a girl with a broken jaw That her father gave to her C# She had eyes bright enough to burn me They reminded me of yours F#m And in a story told she was a little girl In a red-rouge, sun-bruised field C# And there were rows of ripe tomatoes Where a secret was concealed F#m And it rose like thunder C# Clapped under our hands F#m And it stretched for centuries C# To a diary entry's end where I wrote F#m "You make me happy (WHAT?) C# When the skies are gray F#m You make me happy (WHAT?) C# When skies are gray and gray and gray" Bm E A D Well the clock's heart it hangs inside its open chest Bm E A D With hands stretched towards the calendar hanging itself E F#m But I will not weep for those dying days E F#m For all the ones who've left there are a few that stayed E A E D And they found me here and pulled me from the grass E F#m E F#m E... Where I was laid SONG - Something Vague Tablature by Clark Vogeler ( intro and main progression:
E ----1----------0-------------3-------------0B ----1--1h3p1---1----1h3p1----0----0h3p0----1G ----2----------0-------------0-------------2D -3-------------2-------------0-------------2A ------------3----------------2----------0---E --------------------------3-----------------
E ----1----------0-------------3---------3----B ----1--1h3p1---1----1h3p1----0---------0----G ----2----------0-------------0---------0----D -3-------------2-------------0---------0----A ------------3----------------2---------2----E --------------------------3--------3-3------
F C G Am Now and again it seems worse than it is F C G But mostly the view is accurate. F C G Am You see your breath in the air as you climb up the stairs F C G to that coffin you call your apartment. Am E And you sink in your chair C G Brush the snow from your hair C G F And drink the cold away Am E You are not really sure C F What you're doing this for C G F But you need something to fill up the days Am E A few more hours C G Am C G Am F C G Am There is a dream in my brain that just won't go away F C G It's been stuck there since it came a few nights ago F C G Am And I'm standing on a bridge in the town where I lived F C G As a kid with my mom and my brothers Am E And then the bridge disappears C G And I'm standing on air C G F With nothing holding me Am E And I hang like a star C G Fucking glow in the dark C G F For all those starving eyes to see Am E Like the ones we've wished on C G But now I'm confused Am F Is this death really you? C G Am And do these dreams have any meaning? C G No, no, I think it is more like a ghost Am F That's been following us both C G Am Something vague that we're not seein F C D Something more like a feeling F G C SONG - The Movement Of A Hand Tablature by Matt - 03/19/01 F# - 244322 A - X02220 E - 022100 D - XX0232 F# A E F# F# A You follow the footsteps E A Echoes leading down a hall F# A To a room, there's music playing E A Tiny bells with moving parts F# A Here the shadows make things ugly E A An effect quite undesirable F# A The bold and yellow daylight E A Grows like ivy across the wall D E A And bounces off of the painted porcelain D E A Tiny dancing doll D E A Her body spins as she pirouettes again D E F# A E A The world suddenly seems small F# A On an off-white subtle morning E A You stretch your legs in the front seat F# A The road has made a vacuum E A Where our voices used to be F# A And you lay your head onto my shoulder E A Pour like water over me D E A So if I just exist for the next ten minutes of this D E A Drive that would be fine D E A And all the trees that line this curb would be D E F# A E A Rejoicing and alive D E A Soon all the joy that pours from everything makes D E A Fountains of your eyes D E A Because you finally understand the movement of a D E F# A E A Hand waving you goodbye F# A E A SONG - Arienette Tablature by Laura Sharp
C#m G# E F#m C# B AE ---4-----4-----7-----2-----9-----7----5---B ---5-----4-----9-----2-----9-----7----5---G ---6-----5-----9-----2-----10----8----6---D ---6-----6-----9-----4-----11----9----7---A ---4-----6-----7-----4-----11----9----7---E ---x-----4-----x-----2-----9-----7----5---
C#m The fragile keep secrets gathered in pockets G# And they will sell them for nothing, a cheap watch or locket E C#m That kind of gold washes off C#m And the sad act like lepers, they stick to the shadows G# They long to ring bells of warning to tell of their coming E C#m So that the pure can shut their doors C#m And the angry are animals, senseless and savage G# They act without order in logical lapses E C#m They stain their mouths with blood F#m C#m So take my hand, this barren land is alive tonight F#m C#m Oh, the corn has grown stalks that form a wall to hide F#m C#m The wind carries sounds that I can't see from beyond that line B A G# Then the stalks begin to sway C# B A G# Oh, stay with me, Arienette C#m Until the wolves are away A G# C#m A G# YUP C#m Well the wicked are vultures, they bake in the canyons G# They circle in sunlight and wait for their victims E C#m To collapse and call to them C#m And the desperate are water, they'll run down forever G# As they soak into silence and end up together E C#m In a dark and distant, dark and distant place F#m C#m So don't leave me here with only mirrors watching me F#m C#m This house, it holds nothing but the memories F#m C#m And the moon, it leaves silver but never sleep B A G# And then the silver turns to gray C# B A G# So stay with me, Arienette C#m Until the wolves are away SONG - When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass Tablature by Matt - 03/19/01 C - x30210 G - 320033 Dm - XX0231 Am - X02210 C G Dm G C G Am Am G G C G Tomorrow when I wake up I'm finding my brother Dm G And making him take me back down to the water C G That lake where we sailed and we laughed with our father Am Am G I will not desert him, I will not desert him Dm G C Am No matter how I may wish for a coffin so clean Dm G C Am Or these trees to undress all their leaves onto me Dm G C Am I put my face in the dirt and then finally I see C G C The sky that has been avoiding me C G I started this letter, I'm gonna send it to Ruba Dm G It will be blessed by her eyes on the gulf coast of Florida C G With her feet in the sand and one hand on her swimsuit Am G She will recite the prayer of my pen C G Saying, time take us forward, relief from this longing Dm G They can land that plane on my heart. I don't care C G Just give me November, the warmth of a whisper Am G In the freezing darkness of my room Dm G C Am But no matter what I would do in an attempt to replace Dm G C Am All these pills that I take trying to balance my brain Dm G C Am Seen the curious girl with that look on her face C G C So surprised she stares out from her display case SONG - Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh Tablature by Matt - 03/19/01 F#m - XX4222 Dmaj7 - XX0222 A - X02220 Bm - X24432 G - 320033 F#m Dmaj7 A Bm F#m Dmaj7 A Bm F#m Dmaj7 A Bm The phone slips from a loose grip F#m Dmaj7 A Bm Words were missed, then some apology F#m Dmaj7 I didn't want to tell you this A Bm F#m No, it's just some guy she's been hanging out with Dmaj7 A Bm I don't know, the past couple weeks, I guess F#m Dmaj7 Thank you and hang up the phone A Bm Let the funeral start, hear the casket close F#m Dmaj7 A Bm Let's pin split-black ribbon to your overcoat F#m Dmaj7 A The laughter pours from under doors in this house Bm F#m I don't understand that sound no more Dmaj7 A Bm Seems artificial like a TV set Bm Well Haligh Haligh Haligh Haligh A This weight, it must be satisfied G You offer only one reply A You know not what you do Bm But you tear and tear your hair from roots A From that same head you have twice removed G Now a lock of hair you said would prove A Our love would never die, well hahaha Bm F#m Dmaj7 I remember everything A Bm The words we spoke on freezing South Street F#m Dmaj7 A Bm And all those mornings watching you get ready for school F#m Dmaj7 You combed your hair inside that mirror A Bm The one you painted blue and glued with jewelry tears F#m Dmaj7 A Bm Something about those bright colors would always make you feel better F#m Dmaj7 But now we speak with ruined tongues A Bm And the words we say aren't meant for anyone F#m Dmaj7 A Bm It's just a mumbled sentence to a passing acquaintance but there was once you F#m Dmaj7 You said you hate my suffering A Bm And you understood and you'd take care of me F#m Dmaj7 A Bm You'd would always be there, well where are you now? Bm Haligh, Haligh, Haligh, Haligh A The plans were never finalized G But left to hang like yarn and twine A Dangling before my eyes Bm As you tear and tear your hair from roots A From that same head that you have twice removed G Now a lock of hair you said would prove A Our love would never die Bm And I sing and sing of awful things A The pleasure that my sadness brings G And my fingers press onto the strings A Yet another clumsy chord Bm Haligh, Haligh, an awful lie A This weight will now be satisfied G I'm gonna give you only one reply A I know not who I am Bm But I talk in the mirror A To the stranger that appears G Our conversations are circles G Always one sided A Nothing is clear Bm Except we keep coming back A To this meaning that I lack G He says the choices were given G Now you must live them A Or just not live Bm But do you want that? SONG - The Center Of The World Tablature by Laura Sharp
G Bm Am C D Em OR Em BE ---3----2----5----3----5----7------0----2---B ---3----3----5----5----7----8------0----4---G ---4----4----5----5----7----9------0----4---D ---5----4----7----5----7----9------2----4---A ---5----2----7----3----5----7------2----2---E ---3----x----5----x----x----x------0----x---
G Bm Am At the center of the world there's a statue of a girl C D G She is standing near a well with a bucket bare and dry Bm Am I went and looked her in the eyes and she turned me into sand C D G This clumsy form that I despise, it scattered easy in her hand Bm Am It came to rest upon a beach with a million others there C D G We sat and waited for the sea to stretch out so that we could disappear Bm Am Into the endlessness of blue into the horror of the truth C D Em See, we are far less than we knew, yeah, we are far less than we knew Em C But we knew what we could taste Em Girls found honey to drench our hands B The men cut marble to mark our graves B G Said we'll need something to remind us of B All the sweetness that has passed through us Em The priests dressed children for a choir B But found no joy in what was sung B C D D G The funeral had begun G Bm Am In the middle of the day when you drive home to your place C D G From that job that makes you sleep back to the thoughts that keep you awake Bm Am Long after night has come to claim any light that still remains C D G In the corner of the frame that you put around her face Bm Two pills just weren't enough Am The alarm clock's going off but you're not waking up C D This isnt happening happening happening happening happening G It is SONG - Sunrise, Sunset Tablature by Matt - 03/19/01 Am - XX7555 G#? - XX6555 E - 022100 Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Am G#? Swiftly go the days Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? You wake up, then you undress Am G#? Am G#? It always is the same Am G#? A sunrise and the sun sets Am G#? You are lying while you confess Am G#? Am G#? Keep trying to explain Am G#? A sunrise and the sun sets Am G#? You realize, then you forget Am G#? Am G#? What you have been trying to retain E But everybody knows E It's all about the things E E Am G#? Am G#? That get stuck inside of your head E Like the songs your roommate sings E Or a vision of her body E Am As she stretches out on your bed G#? Am G#? And she raised her hands in the air Am G#? Am G#? Asked you, when was the last time you looked in the mirror? Am G#? Am G#? 'Cause you have changed Am G#? Am G#? Yeah, you've changed Am G#? Sunrise, the sun sets Am G#? You are hopeful and then you regret Am G#? Am G#? The circle never breaks Am G#? With a sunrise and sunset Am G#? There's a change of heart or address Am G#? Am G#? Is there nothing that remains? Am G#? For a sunrise or a sunset Am G#? You're manic or you're depressed Am G#? Am G#? Will you ever feel okay? Am G#? For a sunrise or a sunset Am G#? Your lover is an actress Am G#? Am G#? Did you really think she'd stay? Am G#? For a sunrise or a sunset Am G#? You're either coming or you just left Am G#? Am G#? But you're always on the way Am G#? Towards a sunrise or a sunset Am G#? A scribble or a sonnet Am G#? They are really just the same Am G#? To the sunrise or a sunset Am G#? The master and his servant Am G#? Am G#? Have exactly the same fate Am G#? It's a sunrise and a sunset Am G#? From a cradle to a casket Am G#? Am G#? There is no way to escape Am G#? The sunrise and the sunset Am G#? Hold your sadness like a puppet Am G#? Am G#? Keep putting on the play E But everything you do E Is leading to the point E Am G#? Am G#? Where you just won't know what to do E And at that moment you may laugh E But there is someone there E Am Who will be laughing louder than you G#? So it's true Am G#? The trick is complete Am G#? Am G#? You've become everything you said you never would be Am G#? Am G#? You're a fool Am G#? Am G#? You're a fool Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Am G#? The sunrise and the sun sets Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Sunrise, the sun sets Am G#? Am G#? The sunrise, the sun sets Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Go home to your apartment Am G#? Am G#? Put the cassette in the tape deck Am G#? Am G#? Am G#? Am G#? And let that fever play Am G#? Sunrise, sunset Am G#? Where are you Arienette? Am G#? Am G#? Am G#? Am G#? Am G#? Where are you Arienette? SONG - An Attempt To Tip The Scales Tablature by Clark Vogeler - 03/19/01 intro: D F#m G A D F#m G A Did you expect it all to stop at the wave of your hand? D F#m G A Like the sun is just gonna drop if it's night you demand? D F#m G A Well, in the dark we are just air so the house might dissolve D F#m G A Once we're gone, who's gonna care if we were ever here at all? G A F#m Well, summer's gonna come, it's gonna cloud our eyes again G A No need to focus when there's nothing that's worth seeing D F#m G A So we trade liquor for blood in an attempt to tip the scales D F#m G A I think you lost what you loved in that mess of details F#m G They seemed so important at the time but now you can't even recall F#m G A Any of the names, faces, or lines, it's more the feeling of it all G A Well, winter's gonna end, it's gonna clean these veins again F#m G A So close to dying that I finally can start living D F#m G A (repeat) end on F#m SONG - A Song To Pass The Time Tablature by Matt - 03/19/01 E - 022100 F#m - XX4222 G#m - xx6444 A - X02220 B - X24442 Start with fingerpicking E E F#m There is a middle-aged woman, she's dragging her feet G#m F#m She carries baskets of clothes to a laundromat E F#m While the Mexican children kick rocks into the street G#m F#m And they laugh in a language I don't understand A E But I love them... why do I love them? E F#m So the neighborhood's dimming, I smoke on the porch G#m F#m Watch the people as they pass enclosed inside their cars E F#m And on their faces just anger or disappointment G#m F#m I start wishing there was something I could offer them A E A consolation... what could I offer them? E F#m And they are sad in their suburbs, robots water the lawn G#m F#m And everything they touch gets dusted spotless E F#m And so they start to believe they've not touched anything at all G#m F#m And the cars in the driveway only multiply E F#m They are lost in their houses, I've heard them sing in the shower G#m F#m Making speeches to their sister on the telephone E F#m Saying you come home, you come here, don't stay so far away from me G#m F#m This weather has me wanting love more tangible A E Something I can hold... it's getting cold F#m E B A I say hold up our fists to a flame in the sky F#m E B A To block out the light that's reaching for our eyes E A E 'Cause it... 'cause it would blind us, yeah it will blind us E F#m Well I've locked my actions in the grooves of routine G#m F#m So I may never be free of this apathy E F#m But I wait for a letter that's coming to me G#m F#m She sends me pictures of the ocean in an envelope E So there still is hope, yes, I can be healed F#m There is someone looking for what I've concealed G#m In my secret drawer, in my pockets deep F#m You will find the reasons that I can't sleep A E And you will still want me... but will you still want me? A E Will you still want me? F#m E B A Well, I say come for the week, you can sleep in my bed F#m E B A And pass through my life like a dream through my head E A E It will... it will be easy, I'll make it easy E F#m But all I have for the moment is a song to pass the time G#m F#m A melody to keep me from worrying E F#m Some simple progression to keep my fingers busy G#m F#m And words that are sure to come back to me A E And they'll be laughing... and they'll be laughing A E My mediocrity A E My mediocrity A E A E...
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