Bright Eyes - We Are Free Men tab

Tabbed by:Jade Houser
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Bright Eyes - We Are Free Men - There Is No Beginning To The Story[EP]

Chords used: B7:--7- C#m:--9-- G#7:-4- F#m:-2- --7- --9-- -4- -2- --8- --9-- -5- -3- --7- --11- -4- -4- --9- --11- -6- -4- --7- --9-- -4- -2-
verse1: E B7 Well, the future spills its intangibles. A B An unknown set of variables. C#m A E A path that spliten infinitely up ahead. B7 So tell me what's the use to pick and choose. A B From what you should or shouldn't do? C#m A B That's time spent better sleeping in your bed. Or wide awake in a shopping mall, trying clothes on from off of the wall Yeah, anything to entertain yourself 'Cause a costume can be comfortable It can make you feel more beautiful It can even make you look like someone else chorus: G#7 A G#7 A But it's still you, so there's nothing you can do. C#m G#7 A C#m G#7 A Like a bad habit, the one you couldn't kick. B there it always is F#m A E And it's nothing that no doctor's gonna fix Verse2: E B7 They pat your back bruised with their accolades. A B And all four walls are a trophy case C#m A E But that doesn't make it any less of a cage. B7 But you can make it all less difficult A B C#m A B By embracing the ephemeral. Then you'd never have to worry or explain Cause if it's really all just physical, then my memory's immaterial So why then do I remember you at all? But I do, I do, my friend, I've seen your face We shared a cup, I know the taste Its sweetness is relentless on my lips chorus: G#7 A G#7 A So help me drink in everything that is C#m G#7 A C#m G#7 A Like a freed convict, drunk on redemption B From the way I've been F#m A E But I swear this time, that things will be different chorus2: F#m C#m A B Well, right and wrong, they have never been that far apart. C#m F#m A B For those who'd write that sentence where you hang. G#7 A G#7 A We will be lifed, up from all of this. C#m G#7 A C#m G#7 A B Yeah, we will transcend the insignificance of our existence. F#m A E Yeah, your body's gone, but angel, you will live...
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