Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God tab

There are so many versions of this song that I don't really think there are any
concrete rules around how to play it. 


   ? E7 E

For the verses, the chords E and A are picked and sometimes strummed (I haven't really figured that out yet) and B7 is strummed once, nice and hard. Have fun playing around with it.
E A B7e|-0--0--2-|B|-0--2--0-|G|-1--2--2-|D|-2--2--1-|A|-2--0--2-|E|-0-----0-|
VERSES: E When the president talks to God E Are the conversations brief or long A Does he ask to rape our women's rights E Or send poor farm kids off to die B7 Does God suggest an oil hike E When the president talks to God INTRO... next verse, etc. Continue the same sorta pattern for the rest of the song. After you've practiced enough, you can put on your best one piece red cowboy suit and play it for alla yer friends.
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