Bright Eyes - Lava Monster tab

Okay, no idea who the hell is singing this song, some kid. Perhaps a relative of Conor's?
I don't know but despite the 8 year-olds singing it's still a damn good song worthy of
playing, damn easy too. So here it is.

Intro: C, F (repeat)

C                         F
 depression sets in again   <<<<<<<(HE'S EIGHT!!!)
I know how that goes
                F               C   (etcetcetc i'm lazy, deal with it)   
Nothing seems to work out anymore
And you hurt so much
Feel so helpless
Want to crawl into a hole somewhere
And just give up
And just give up
And just give up, 
But I can't let you
Because you never let me
Let me
You never let me
You never let me

(crazy fast bit, barre chords)
        G                   Am   (etc)
And you say your life is useless
And you say this is all meaningless
But I, I know that that is just bullshit
Because you will not give up
Because you will not give up
Give up
Because the moment that you do,
I would give up too
                C  F (Back into that ol' routine. You know the score) 
That's what I'd do
That's what I'd do
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