Bright Eyes - Tereza And Tomas tab

hello, this is my first tab. it's to a bright eyes song on letting off the Happiness,
the last song to be exact. This tab is just the guitar part, there are a bunch of other
instruments that I don't know. But this is it

Tereza and Tomas
Bright Eyes
letting off the Happiness
words and music by: Conor Oberst


VersesE|---2--------------------------------------------2---------------------------|B|--3-3--3----------------0---0------0---0-------3-3----0-------0-------------|G|-2---2--2-(X 4)----------0---0----------------2--------0-------0------------|D|0---------------------0----0--------0---0----0-------0---------- (X a few---|A|---------------------4----4------2----2-------------4--------2--------------|E|--------------------------------3----3-------------------- 3----------------| let's sail away...
ChorusE|3--3--0--0--0--0-------3--|B|2--2--0--0--3--3------2-2-|G|3--3--0--0--0--0-----3---3|(listen to song for how many times to play it)D|0--0--0--0--0--0----0-----|A|0--0--4--4--2--2----------|E|------------3--3----------| don't be afraid of where we'll go....
Those two parts are the whole song basically, just listen to the song for timing and such.
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