Bright Eyes - Lila tab

			     LILA - Bright Eyes
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: Mike

Tuning: Drop 1/2 Step

e|-3-------3--------0--------------------0-00-0000-00--------2-2222--------|B|-3--3----3--------1--0-0-0---0---------0-00-0000-00-------33-3333--------|G|-0----0-----------0--0-0-0---0---------0-00-0000-00-------22-2222--------|D|-0------0---------2-22-2222-22---------2-22-2222-22-2h4p0----0000--------|A|-2-2---2----3s5-5-3-3---3-3-3--5p3h5p3-2-22-2222-22----------0000--------|E|-3-3---3---3------0-0---0-0-0----------0-00-0000-00----------------------| D DU UDUD D DU UDUD DU D DU UDUD DU D DU UDUD
Listen for strumming pattern. Similar to above. G close your eyes C the dark outside can't hurt you Em D and i will never desert your bedside G so close them tight C the stars are so glad that they've found you E and on the blankets that surround you D they shine their light G C Em D they shine their light G C so rest your head and i will be watching from the doorway Em D G C Em D as you slip into a perfect, peaceful sleep G D C and morning will come in all its simple glory G D C and you will find the light G D C and i will be there standing in your shadow G D C knowing that you once were mine G D C all mine my baby G D C my Baby my Girl
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