Bright Eyes - Biggest Lie tab

Artist:Bright Eyes
Song:The Biggest Lie
Album:Motion Sickness(Live)
Transcribed by: Extratallguy103

This is a great song that i heard off the "Motion Sickness" album that i bought when I
saw Bright Eyes in concert a few weeks ago. The chords are all absolutely right, I know
that for sure. The solo is 99%, it seems theres something off at the very very end, and
im pretty sure the chords I put over the solo are right, they still fit no matter what.
Questions or comments(hopefully on the solo), leave comments here or email me at

THIS SONG WAS ORGINALLY DONE BY ELLIOT SMITHC----(x32010) C(2)-(x20010)Am---(x02210)G----(320003)F----(133211)
C C(2) Am I'm waiting for a train, F G C C(2) Am Subway that it only goes one way. F G F Am Stupid thing that'll come pull us apart. F G C Make everybody late. C C(2) Am Well you spend everything you had, F G C C(2) Am Wanted everything to stop, that bad, F G Now im a crushed credit card F Am registered to Smith F G C Not the name that you call me with.
C Am F Ge---------------1---------------1-----------------1B---------------l---------------l-----------------lG---------------l---------------l-----------------lD--9--7--5--3p2-l--5--3--2--7p5-l-----------------lA-10--8--7--5p3-l--7--5--3--8p7-l--3h5/8---5h7/10-lE---------------l---------------l-----------------1
C Ame---------------l---------------l-----------------lB---------------l---------------l-----------------lG---------------l---------------l-----------------lD--9--7--5--3p2-l--5--3--2--7p5-l-----------------lA-10--8--7--5p3-1--7--5--3--8p7-1-----5-3-----3-5-lE---------------l---------------l-5-5-----3-5-----l
F G C Am C G e--------------------------------l-----------------------------lB--------------------------------l-----------------------------lG--------------------------------l-----------------------------lD--------------------------------l-----------------------------lA-7-10--7-10---5p3--3-5-5^--3----l-5/7/5---5/7/5---------------lE-----------------5----------5-3-l-3/5/3---3/5/3-3p0-1p0-1/3p0-l
C Am You turned white, like a saint, F G C C(2) Am im tired of dancing on this pot of gold, flayed paint F G F Am F Oh, we're so very precious you and I, G F Am F and everything that you do, makes me want to die. G C Am F G C Am F G Oh, I just told the biggest lie, Oh i just told the biggest lie. C Am F G The biggest lie.... End C
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