Bright Eyes - Napoleons Hat Chords tab

			    Napoleon's Hat - Bright eyes
Tabbed by: Yoshima

Tuning: standard
Capo: 4th

With a capo on the 4th fret use these chords....

F#m11 E Dadd2 A Dm F#me|-----0---------0-----------0------------0-----------1----------2----|B|-----0---------0-----------3------------2-----------3----------2----|G|-----2---------1-----------2------------2-----------2----------2----|D|-----4---------2-----------0------------2-----------0----------4----|A|-----0---------2-----------0------------0-----------0----------4----|E|-----2---------0-----------2------------0----------------------2----|
(Not sure if the chord names are right) Intro: F#m11 E F#m11 E F#m11 E The barons of industry put inspiration on Hitlerís tongue F#m11 E The next century crashed hard with a loud sound like a starting gun F#m11 E Itís race for acquisition and to make more things that glow F#m11 E I got a knack for dodging bullets and flying zeros Dadd2 E Dadd2 E So I act like I am rich, try and make it my whole look A E Dm Cause poor people donít exist when times are good then; F#m E F#m E F#m11 E Mozartís foster parents put cigarettes out in his ears F#m11 E When he got old enough to stutter he said I donít listen but I-I-I can hear F#m11 E The eloquence of traffic, yeah the milk ponds sad lament F#m11 E Itís a requiem of moments I keep living through them Dadd2 E Dadd2 E But whereís the monster in the closet? I canít find the hangman inside his hood A E Dm I guess evil donít exist when times are good Then; F#m11 E F#m11 E Repeat chords as above for other verses then for ending..... Dadd2 E Dadd2 E And strive for understanding over being understood A E Dm A Just donít let yourself forget when the times get good E When the times get good, A When the times get good, E When the times get good, A When the times get good, then finish on: E A Dm ... A
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