Bright Eyes - Ouja tab

This song is quit easy to play, it's probably as easy as lava monster but a bit more 
added. So here you are...

K: Knock on the body of your guitar

C K 3x, Am K 3x, F K 3x G K 3x repeat once more then pause for 4 seconds then it goes 

C,Am,F,G repeat one more time and play a bit fast
C                        Am            F                         G
A natural noise thats free in the air, trying so hard to give the whole box
        C                 Am               F                            G
scare. And the voice so true in my ear, I go next door just to be near to it

C Am F G
C                             F                Am
Practice is done, your side floor smooth, listen to some moral reporter
G        C                      Am              F
jokes. No one to command, please turn it down, Cuase if you don't I may
just bust a gut.

C Am F G..
(We may bust a gut)
Might explain...
Everything I'm trying to say...
C      Am             F
I know where to go..
I guess i'll just ask the we have for..
C             Am     F
It doesn't know...
Every inch of me is gun..
C           Am       F
about to go off..
I can i'm fallen right in..
C           Am     F
Guys be alright..

C Am F G

Yeah If I had time which I don't but that how it goes just listen to the song you'll get 
the lyrics may be mest up becuase I listened to the song and it's quit hard to 
But have fun with it.
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