Bright Eyes - New Arrangement tab

r = regular for the prechorus Ems, it means just play a regular Em chord,
not the one i layed out for the song

sorry if my way of tabbing this song is a little confusing, but it is 99% correct. i 
there were no other really accurate ones anywhere so i made this one, hope you enjoy.
simple strumming pattern, figure it out ;)

Em Em3 G6-3 Em*s G6-G G6BE-----------|---------|---------|-----------|-----3-0--|-------|B---0----0--|---0-3-0-|---0-3-0-|---0-----0-|---0-0----|-------|G---0----0--|---0-----|---0-----|---0-----0-|---0-0----|--4----|D---2--2-2--|---2-----|---0-----|---2-2s4---|---0-0----|-------|A---2----2--|---2-----|---2-----|---2-------|---2-2----|--2----|E-0---------|---------|---3-----|---0-------|---3-3----|--3----|
Intro Em Em Em Em3 G6-3 Em Em Em Em3 G6-3 Em*s Em*s Em*s Em3 G6-3 Em Em Em Em3 G6-G Verse Em Em Em Em3 G6-G if you could change your days, arranging them, in some sweet new sequence, Em Em Em Em3 G6-G like any new arrangement is going to make a difference *continue with progression Em Em Em Em3 G6-G, play once between each verse* Prechorus A Em Em Em One strum each - Em(r) F#m G5 G5 Ab5 A5 ......... and that's not very well Chorus 1 Am Em Baby, when i call for you Am G6 I want you to come Em Em Em Em3 G6-3 explain yourself to everyone Verse Prechorus B Em Em Em Em(r) G .......... not even a little one Chorus 2 Am Am Am G6 G6 G6B G6B ...why, can't we leave this behind? Em Em Em Em(r) G6 Chorus 3 at the final "lay it out for, dont feel awkward" when you play Em you can alternate hitting the 4th string loudly to hitting the 5th open string loudly end on open 6th string E
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