Bright Eyes - Weather Reports tab

			Weather Reports - Bright Eyes

Tabbed by: Yoshima

Tuning: Standard

In this song the bass notes played on the three lowest strings are more important then 
fill in notes played on the 3 highest strings. Take this into account when playing.

Add more fill-in notes if you want, this will compensate for the lack of accompaniment.

Am C F Ce|----------------------------------------------|B|------1-----1----1-1---------1-----------1----|G|-----2-----0-----0-0-----------2-------0--0---|D|----------------------0--2h3-----3p2----------|A|--0-----2-----3----------------------3--------|E|----------------------------------------------|
F C Am C Ge|-------------------------------------------3----|B|--------1-----------1-----------1----1------3-3-|G|----------2-----------0---0----0----0----0---0--|D|-0--2h3-----3p2---2-----2-----------------------|A|----------------3------------0----3------2------|E|---------------------------------------3--------|
This guitar sequence is played through once for the intro and then once for each stanza the verses: For the first line of stanza play the top part of the intro sequence shown above, for second line play the bottom part. Listen to the song for timing: Well i left my baby for a dream as lovely, for a love that's only in books i read. and then i hit the cities, spent all my money, i just left my whole life in a taxi cab. cause it's just a memory, i can't love completely, when you're really with me, i'm indifferent. The sound the guitar makes in the chorus is distorted by the choir voices in the so its quite hard to tab, but i think the following chords are fingerpicked. Not sure about the names;
C C+ F G7 Am Ge|----0------1---------------------------3-|B|----1------1------1-------------1------3-|G|----0------1------2------0(1)---2------0-|D|----2------2------3------3------2------0-|A|----3------3------3------2------0------2-|E|------------------1------3-------------3-|
The G7 chord varies as to the 1st fret of the G sting being played or just left open. The timing of the fingerpicking isn't really important, aslong as its the right chord at right time. C C+ but i try to get my head clear, F G7 it's too full of ideas that i haven't thought of yet. C C+ and time, clocks keep waving their hands, F G7 doing all that they can to get our attention, but F G the days fly away C Am G down a clean interstate and i'm staring drunk at a map. >>>The whole intro is played once through and as before played through the verse. so i let hair down for the second time now, for the final time, now i had my fun. but there's no returning from the places we've been, just repeat our slogan, never again. >>> Chorus as above... so we split, said you had to get out, headed back to the south, where everything is gentle. and i stayed for a couple weeks more, all the weather reports said it would be snow for sure, but the storm moved away to a neighboring state. i started the car. >>>Outro.......... Fade out on.... Chords fingerpicked softly behind part below.
C C+ F G7e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------1------|D|----2------2--3--2---0-------0--1--0---1---------2------|A|----3------2--2--2---2-------0--0--0---3---------3------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
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