Bright Eyes – A Few Minutes On Friday tab

A Few Minutes On Friday" by Bright Eyes, tabbed by Jordan Olah

Here's the chords and solo part to the Bright Eyes song "A Few Minutes On Friday". This
99.9% accurate there may be some faults on the solo but they are barely noticable. I
the main chords are played on an acoustic and the solo is played on an electric with 
I was surprised that nobody had tabbed this song before because it is such a good
This is my first tab, so ratings would be nice :)
Please, if you are going to use this tab on another website, all i ask is you give me
credit. You can figure out the strumming patterns by listening to the song and playing
at the same time. Here it is:

C                 G                F
 she kills, with foreign films, the emptiness of day to day
C                    G
 and i wait 'til the weekend comes
        F                                   C
so i can clear this uselessness from my brain
i count the days 'til she arrives
     F                               C
those precious minutes when she is mine
                 G                 F                          Am
as we walk from my front door to her car, we're so close and alone
                   G                  Am
but that will disappear in a room filled with the warmth
of others', of others' company
                             C G F
theres just too much company
C            G             F
 theres just too much company
C             G                      F                      C
 so i hide my wounded pride and stare off into the other cars
                G                  F
if i could just speak the words to tell her exactly how i feel
C                      G
 count the ways that i might say it
    F                               C
but i know that none of them will work because
G                    F
she won't feel the same, we got this far
       Am                   G              Am                    G
but i can't go through with it because the truth would hurt too much

it hurts too much, this hurts too much

**(figure out the timing for this solo, play while singing next lines)** /=slide p=pull off h=hammer on ^=bendD|----------0----2h3-2---0---0h2-0-------------------0-2-2h3p2-0----------0--|A|-----------------------------------3-3p2h3--3p2h3---------------3--2h3-----|E|-3/13-10-------------------------------------------------------------------|
C G F she goes back to the west coast to drink in the sunshine C G F and i'll stay here in these dead plains and try to make a seed grow C G F C and i would pray for rain if i thought that it would help
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