Bright Eyes - Cartoon Blues tab

No Capo

Bright Eyes
Cartoon Blues

Intro: Asus2, A#/Bbsus2, Em

I listen to a lecture of nonsense till dawn 
By a plagiary poet with dark glasses on
He said "how did you ever dream up that song?
     Bm            B       Em
The one where the baby dies."

I said "I'll tell you the secret which one's your good ear?
Yeah, people are made up of water and fear
If there weren't women present we wouldn't be here
    Bm        B              Em
So lets make like we're friends"

And the pot turned to powder and soured the mood
And the people I'd come with were gone from the room
So I asked like a child "may I be excused?"
  Bm     B           Em
And disobeyed them all

Into that late night latrine rain soaking through my shoes
I tried walking backwards to get less confused
Working off a theory I could never prove
             Bm     B        Em
That it was life itself to blame

     Am               Em
And time ruined the world
        Am         Em
Like a failed revolution
   Am                  Em
A tumor we could not remove
       Csus2       Bm           Em
An old friend, a constant, the blues

Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2 x2

Now my days are distractions, sit wringing my hands
Solitaire, crosswords, and films on demand
When you turn from a cartoon back into a man
              Bm          B      Em
You start to smell that human smell

And so I sleep with the fan on to drown out the street
And the noise rising up from the bar underneath
Well for that inconvenience all my drinks are free
       Bm        B        Em
So I guess it's just as well

Why do I envy the ending right from the start
Just get it together to take it apart
Watching the horse as it follows the cart
   Bm          B        Em
I sweep up my broken spell

       Am                          Em
And I felt something changing the world
        Am       Em
Like a new constitution
    Am                   Em
A thief I would have to pursue
       Csus2          Bm          Em
At all times, at all costs, the truth

Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2
Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2, Bsus2
Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2, Bsus2, Csus2
Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2, Bsus2, Csus2, C#/Dbsus2
Em, Asus2, A#/Bbsus2, Bsus2, Csus2, C#/Dbsus2, Dsus2
End on: Em
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