Bright Eyes - Lime Tree tab version 1

Riff 1 Riff 2e-------------------------- ----3----------------|b-------------------------- ----0----------------|g---0h2---0-------------- ----0------------------|d----------------0h2p0--- ----0------------------|a--------------------------- ----2----1----------|E--------------------------- ----3---------3-----|
When it says "don't be so amazing" and "so pleased with a daydream" it might go to D7 or it might just stay on Am I'm not really sure. G Bm I keep floating down the river but the ocean never comes G C Since the operation I heard you're breathing just for one Am D7 Now everything is imaginary, especially what you love Am C G You left another message said it's done, It's done G Bm When I hear beautiful music it's always from another time G C Old friends I never visit, I remember what they're like Am D7 Standing on a doorstep full of nervous butterflies Am C G Waiting to be asked to come inside Just come inside Am D7 But I keep go-o-o-o-oing out Bm Am C I can't sleep next to a stranger when I'm coming down B7 C G It's 8 a.m. my heart is beating too loud, Too loud D7 Am B7 C Don't be-e-e-e so ama-a-a-azing or I'll miss you too much B7 C I felt something that I had never touched G Bm Everything gets smaller now the further that I go G C Towards the mouth and the reunion of the Known and the Unknown Am D7 Consider yourself lucky if you think of it as home Am G You can move mountains with your misery if you don't, If you don't G Bm It comes to me in fragments, even those still split in two G C Under the leaves of that old Lime Tree I stood examining the fruit Am D7 Some were ripe and some were rotten, I felt nauseous with the truth Am C G There will never be a time more opportune Am D7 So I just won't be late Bm Am C The window closes, shock rolls over in a tidal wave B7 C G And all the color drains out of the frame D7 Am B7 C So pleased with a daydream that now living is no good B7 C I took off my shoes and walked into the woods B7 C G I felt lost and found with every step I took
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